Sign up for an eTutorial to discuss Architecture + Interiors projects. E-Tutorials are carried out online via email and skype. Simply order a tutorial and send an outline of your project. I will read through it and get back to you to arrange a tutorial slot. The tutorial typically lasts 30mins with 2 emails to ask relevant questions and then to clarify items discussed. It’s really simple and can be a great way to share your ideas and concerns with other designer. 

The tutorial is held by myself, a working designer from industry with over seven years experience in academic teaching at BA and MA level. 

“A wonderful lecturer, Sonia is probably one of the very few people I look up to and hate to disappoint. Having been extremely supportive all through my Higher Education, she has always pushed me to do better; which is one of the main reasons I transferred from RMI Bangalore, where she lead our course, to the UK where she had taken up a new teaching position.” - Niriksha Baliga, India

If you have any questions prior to placing your order, either email me on or tweet me @LAYOUTLINES

“Sonia is a great teacher who has given me the opportunity to develop not just as a Designer but as a person too. Her teaching skills were perfect for my transition from Art Foundation to BA Honours. She is truly inspirational.” - Trishita Ghosh, UK

“Throughout my university degree, Sonia always supported my style of working and ideas, no matter how crazy they were. She always knew the right things to say to motivate and inspire you.” - Will De Liefde-Foote, UK

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