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portfolio preparation


45-60mins / £200

This lecture gives an explanation of what a Portfolio is and how it is used in an interview.  We start by giving an overview of the expected contents, focussing on each subject within Art and Design, then we give tips on editing and styling, layout and the best way to present your work. The lecture ends with a discussion on how to submit or exhibit your work, and gives examples and links to portfolio websites. 

int arch


60mins / £300

This lecture gives an overview of the subject of Interior Architecture, and highlights the main differences in the roles of Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Architecture. Taking you through what an Interior Architectural Designer does, and what you will be required to study when training to become one, we use student projects is shown the work undertaken and projects created whilst studying this subject. 

design class discussion


Average size: 25 Students / £150

A class discussion, with someone other than the teacher or lecturer, can give a new perspective to students and share new experiences, storied and ideas. Class discussions can be on a variety of subjects (agreed prior to the session) i.e the Design Team, researching, internships, career, study tips, presentation skills and much more. Class discussions work well in a more informal setting such as the student lounge, on site or just around a large table in class. 

drawing and sketching class


Half Day / £100

A half-day worksop consisting of a number of different drawing and sketching exercises. These will all be timed, with encouragement and guidance given throughout. Workshops work best in small groups, sat around a table. Drawings will be 2D, 3D, experimental and created to different music. This is a fun workshop to encourage hand drawings and confidence with mark making and line use. 

book binding


Half Day / £100

A half-day workshop where we will go over the importance of drawing, mark making and keeping a sketchbook. Using a variety of different papers, you will learn how to make a sketchbook with cover (preferably using recycled materials) and traditional binding techniques. The book will be pocket-sized to encourage its use and will show your creativity. It can also be designed to reflect the project, object, form or type of subject being studies i.e. a house

how to build a city


Full Day / £200

A day-long workshop which looks at Urban Design, Architecture and Communication. Depending on the size of the group we will either work individually or in small groups. The 'city' can be as creative as the participants like; islands, towers, suspended, futuristic, etc. Participants work together in planning their ideas for the 'city' before deciding on its content and landscape. Each participant is allocated a square and must design in consideration of their neighbours. They then create 3D models using recycled materials, bring them all together and lay them out to form the new city. 

design in a day


Full Day / £200

A challenging workshop asks participants to design an object in a day. Carefully planned out to meet staged deadlines, participants move through each stage of the design process with support and guidance. We start with a project brief and brainstorm. Then we conceptualise, come up with initial ideas and test them, redesigning until each person has created their final design. This workshop works well with mid-to-final year students who need a challenge, and fresh approach.



Individual £40 / Group £50

Individual project tutorials can offer support, encouragement and fresh ideas in a students project. Discussing a project or idea with another designer can help refocus, motivate and explore alternative solutions to a problem. Tutorials work best when a student is prepared with their sketchbook, designs, models, etc so they are ready to show, explain and discuss their projects progress. 


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