Working Abroad: Raffles Millennium Int. Bangalore, India

Initially I came out to India to set up and run the Interior (Architectural) Design department for Raffles Millennium International on a two year contract. Sitting here after two visa extensions, a promotion and a new contract, I know I am very lucky to be in a job I love.  

As the first lecturer in this department, I have had the opportunity to deliver all the subjects on both the Degree and Diploma courses.  Since then the department has grown in staff and student numbers, and now we are mid-term and the studios are buzzing. 

Yesterday, in Creativity and Concept Development class, I was giving my second term students a lecture on presentation techniques and I found myself getting motivated. I love when this happens; you are teaching something you are so passionate about that you get caught up in it all.  I often get motivated to do personal work like this but finding time to do design work is challenging.  Our year is packed with four intakes, each term is 3months long and, unlike Universities in the UK, there are no summer holidays.  Moan over.  However, I have a load of photographs and sketchbooks filled with drawings, ideas, notes and to-do lists.  I aim to turn these into something great and will post it on my ‘Gallery’ page so stay tuned.