Konudagur / Women’s Day in Iceland

Today, 24th Feb ‘19, is Konudagur / Women’s Day here in Iceland, and though I failed to celebrate Husband’s Day / Bóndadagur back in January for my Viking, Ingimar was kind enough to keep my cultural education up and treated me to a wonderful Woman’s Day.

Konudagur is a day where husbands, partners and boyfriends pamper their girls and show their appreciation and love. It’s a day where woman traditionally get the day off and are pampered by their husband. So, after a lovely family meal (no, Mia isn’t quite up to a keto diet yet), I came home to hang out washing, lol, and arrange the beautiful flowers my Viking had surprised me with - thanks Ingimar.

As a Brit, let’s add in some weather chat. Konudagur also marks an important point in the Nordi calendar. Góa is the second last winter month here in Iceland and when it starts getting visibly lighter, yay!! And today was certainly a beautiful spring day in Reykjavík ;)

So, if you’re Icelandic or your partner is, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Konudagur. Comment below with what you did and share your best Konudagur treats yet.

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