What's In my Bag?

I just finished editing my 'What's In My Bag' video - yes, I'm joining that YouTuber trend but it's super fun to be nosey (that's why you're here, right?!) So I thought why not share it on the blog with links to all the items and, seen as it's a little more creative than I usually create, a little overview of how I made this video too. 


HiDesign black leather rucsac

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 case (similar)


Hair Bobbles

Vlogging camera

Joby tripod

Kate Spade gold purse

Business cards


Sketchbook (similar)

Spare camera battery

Gloves (similar)


Hand sanitiser

Cough sweet






The first thing I did was to grab my bag and check out it's contents. All good, I was ready to shoot.

I set up my big tripod and Nikon DSLR camera over my white desk in full daylight. I shot this video using stop frame motion which meant I took one picture for every time an item moved. 

I then hand wrote labels and drew arrows, hearts and stars on a piece of white paper. I took a picture of these and uploaded to my Mac. Using photoshop, I removed the white background leaving just the artwork and saved them as PNG files. I could then just added these to my layers for each picture to create the hand drawn elements.

Each picture was saved and uploaded to iMovie. The pictures were not footage and set to 'fit screen' with a play length of 0.5 seconds. I set one image for each item at 10 seconds, allowing me to complete the voice over - this would be adjusted later. 

Then I sat down and recorded the voice over, once complete I could edit the length of each clip to suit the voice over (i.e. from 10 seconds to 4 seconds, etc)

Background music was add and reduced in volume. 

I then saved the movie as a file, created the thumbnail in Photoshop and uploaded the video to YouTube (wrote this blog post) and clicked publish.


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