Pregnancy Diaries: What I Eat In A Day


Ingimar is usually up first and offers to make me a cup of tea - this truly helped in the long, dark winter mornings. I roll out of bed and head to the kitchen where I make either porridge with some coconut oil and peanut better melted in or a bowl of Special K, or Icelandic Skyr with granola. I usually wake up super hungry and so the quickest food is what I go. If we go out for breakfast on the weekends and then I'll have pancakes as a treat. 


Everyday, without fail, I take vitamins. In the first trimester I took the Icelandic prenatal Vitamin. In the second I switched to the UK brand Pregnacare. Now in the third trimester I take Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Shark Liver Oil with my breakfast. I will also take an Iron supplement if I feel its needed. I have found the advice on prenatal vitamins to vary a lot between Iceland and the UK - please follow your midwifes advice on this. 


I work for myself and so try to start work at 9am. Around 11am I start to feel a little peckish so reach for a snack. I try to keep snacks healthy; apples or orange but I won't lie, there are some yummy biscuits near my desk and there's always hummus in the fridge for days when I haven't eaten all the crackers yet. On the weekend, I usually don't snack as I'm busy enough or got up a little later. I sip on water throughout the day and aim to consume at least 2 litres, plus tea and other juices. 


Lunch usually consists of a salad or a cream cheese bagel, or left overs. When I was working in an office downtown we ruled Wednesday as our 'hump day treat' when myself and my colleague headed to Noodle Station for a yummy bowl of veg noodles in broth. It's cheap, healthy and heart warningly good. 


The afternoon slump comes around 3pm and I sometime make a decaf tea, I've tried decaf coffee but it does not taste as good. I miss a big cup of foamy, milky coffee. Snacks are either fruit or nuts. I portion out a small bag of nuts with some raisons so I can grab them easily instead of a sweet treat and that way I don't eat too many. Sometimes I can go until dinner if I just make sure to keep my fluids up.


I aim to finish working by 5pm and so i can make a start on our evening meal. When Ingimar was home, he was in charge of dinner. His speciality is tortillas and he makes his own wraps. It creates a lot of mess but I truly appreciate not having to cook after a long day. When I'm cooking, it ranges from a chicken stir fry to curry or chilli. I'm usually pretty hungry so I try to watch my portion control - I know I'm not eating for two. 


I'd love to say that my evening snack is melon, this does happen on occasion, but more often than not it's a sweet treat like ice cream or an ice lolly. 

Before Bed

I sometimes drink a magnesium drink before bed, it's a dissolvable table in a glass of water. I find this helps me sleep and can help with digestion, but magnesium is said to help your body absorb other vitamins. Plus, it's known to help with mood swings - oh those lovely pregnancy hormones. 

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What have you been eating whilst pregnant?