Wedding Dress Shopping + My Tips

I still can't quite believe that last week I bought my wedding dress. Heck, I still can't believe I'm engaged. How do I describe the day, well, it was perfect and I am so happy with my dress that I am now totally into Wedding Planning mode and so excited to get to put it back on again. I just need to fly back to Edinburgh where it's currently living. 

It did't start out well in some rather snooty Edinburgh boutiques and some very disheartening comments about my not being 'sample size'. After a little read of some Scottish wedding forum, I went to Wed2b in Glasgow and can highly recommend them and their fabulous service. Being a much more realistic girl, aka todays 'normal' girls size, I took my boobs and curves and found my perfect dress. They are open 7 days a week, no appointment needed and size is no issue. There's shops throughout the UK so check out their web site or Facebook page. 

My Tips For Successful Wedding Dress Shopping:

  1. Think about all the different options of getting your wedding dress: Second Hand, Ex-Sample, Borrowed, Tailored Abroad, Boutique, Wedding Shop, Online.

  2. Think about who you want to take with you. You might go alone at first and then bring your Mum or Sister / Best Friend, or go all out and make a weekend of it.

  3. Try on lots of different styles - especially the one you don't think you want.

  4. Think about where you will go shopping. start out in your city and try some dresses on. Do research online (Pinterest) and then maybe go to another city or shop online. 

  5. Take your time, you don't necessarily have to rush into this. Don't feel pressured into anything; you're about to spend quite a lot of money on one dress that you will wear once.

  6. Make sure you are shopping where you feel comfortable. You might feel quite body conscious because, heck, why do we wear white dresses, it's not the most flattering colour?! - and watch those mirrors, they can't all be trusted!!

  7. Make sure to ask about alterations, they might do them in-store, it might be cheaper to go elsewhere. Consider your budget and the time it takes. They might want you to do a couple of fittings so consider this, especially if you don't live in the same country.

  8. If you opt for a wedding boutique then you really need to plan - i did't realise that it can take 6 months to order a dress.

  9. Make sure you have someone taking photos of you in each dress - front, side, back.

  10. Make sure that you're wearing good underwear, or at least good pants. You'll probably have to take off your bra anyway.

  11. Try the dress on with heals, most shops will have heals for you to try on with but think about what footwear you will wear on your wedding day, and how much the dress might need taken up by. 

  12. If you try on different styles with different petticoats, try the dress without the petticoat. This can be an option for the evening, but it can cause more static. 

  13. Try veils on, it feels strange at first.

  14. Add accessories and have fun with it. I tried on a diamante belt with my dress and loved it.

Are you currently wedding dress shopping?