DIY wedding decorations on a budget

Searching Pinterest for some DIY wedding decorations on a budget and endlessly pinning beautiful images? The thought of decorating your venue might be exciting or it might be daunting, but I have some great ideas to share with you that are super easy to recreate and you can shop straight from this post. Here's what we did for our wedding decor, the wedding themes, and I promise you it's budget-friendly. 

those pinterest hangers

I was in search of pretty Pinterest wedding decorations on a budget, like DIY hangers for the photographs of my dress so we ordered some wooden hangers and my sister, who does pyrography already, used this pyrography kit to write our names on the hangers. We did 'Bride', 'Groom', 'Bridesmaid' or you could do peoples names.

ring box, keepsakes + thank you gifts

To keep our rings safe before they were slipped onto our fingers, I found this little wooden box with a slide lid which was idea for the Bestman to hand over and Minister to get into. Again, I asked my sister to help and printed out our wedding crest and date so she could trace it onto the box. She then varnished it and we used it in the ceremony. We were going to pass it round and ask people to bless the rings but there wasn't really enough time on the day. The box is a lovely keep-sake and now sits on my dresser.

For thank you gifts, we stuck to our Iceland and Scottish wedding themes and got a bunch of personalised gifts and cards which we hand wrote. We also wanted to give a little gift to the people who had helped us throughout our wedding preparations, something small but on theme for our Icelandic-Scottish nuptials. I found these cute golden deer broaches and ordered a load of them. I wrapped them in green tissue paper, matching all the other gifts, and found little wooden boxes to present them in. 

wedding hall decoration + wall hangings

Our wedding hall decoration needed to be done relatively quickly so took a bit of forward planning. For the tables, we kept things pretty simple and used a lot of ivy found on site, this didn't distract from our wedding themes but added simplicity to the decor and didn't cost us anything. The table linen was all white, we hired gold chairs with green cushions and everything was tied together with the wedding calligraphy font. The wedding room decoration had to conceal the large cupboards on all four walls so we looked into easy, budget-friendly ways of concealing them. I wanted to create a wall hanging to cover the cupboards and drape ivy down the sides, framing some calligraphy. Fabric was too heavy and worked out expensive so, after trying a few other options, we opted for paper. I ordered a large flip chart from Amazon and found some garden canes to hang the ivy from. Wedding room decoration done.

First, the paper was taped over the cupboards concealing them, then we hung the canes from the ceiling on fishing wire and wrapped the ivy around them so it fell to either side, framing it. Using our wedding calligraphy font, I printed out some wedding themed words and phrases to decorate the wall hangings and we stuck them to the paper. With a few extra pairs of hands, we had them up n no time - so simple, relatively inexpensive but very effective. 

the cake topper

The wedding cake, make by my wonderful sister-in-law, sat on a table at the top of the room with a wall hanging behind it. The three tier marble cake, Ingimar and my favourite, was simply iced and decorated very with a few flowers to match my bouquet. The cake topper was a simple laser cut 'Mr & Mrs' sign and we added in some artificial thistles too. Around the cake sat my bouquet, the Icelandic drinking horn, ring box and some horse shoes given for good luck.

our table plan

The table plan was displayed on a table as you entered the reception. Guests names were typed onto a list, under their table number, and this was stuck onto small blackboard signs. As an architect and lover of model making, I designed the table plan to look like an abstract landscape of lava rocks brought from Iceland, dried moss from my Mums garden and sticks from Netherurd. Scattered amongst the lava were little scale people tying in my love of architecture - the Icelandic and Scottish landscape - and a little bit of fun. 

table numbers

For the table numbers, we used these blackboard signs on sticks and a chalk pen to write the numbers on. These sat in the middle of the table alongside a lava rock with some dried moss glued onto it, a glass with some fun icebreaker questions or dares in, a circular length of Icelandic knitting, a branch of ivy, a reused wine bottle for water with our wedding crest as its label and a bottle of white and red wine. 

name place cards

As this is something I offer in my shop, I have a lot of experience creating other peoples wedding calligraphy so it was fun to now do my own. Our name place cards were written on kraft gift tags with little scale people glued on. I had written out all of the names and orgonised the scale people and tags per table a few weeks before the wedding so the day before, all we had to do was glue dots down the scale people to match the names.

Self taught in lettering, I recommend the Nib + Ink book to help you learn calligraphy and brush lettering. 

polaroids + guestbook

Outside the main room was the bar area where people could gather and chat. This is where we put the guestbook and our 'photobooth' area for polaroid fun. I ordered a Paperchase kraft scrapbook for our wedding guestbook and hand drew our wedding crest onto the front cover and added the date of our wedding. People could take their own polaroid pictures and stick them into the book, signing with their wedding wishes. The props were left over from my hen weekend so we put them out in glasses and left the FujiFilm camera (with spare film) out for people to use.

our fingerprint tree

Breaking away from the norm of a fingerprint tree, we had a fingerprint wreath which I drew and personalised with names in the middle and the date of our wedding day. Guests could add a leaf to the wreath by stamping their fingerprint and signing their name beside it. I bought two blocks of green ink pads for people to create their leaf - make sure to leave out some baby wipes so people can clean the ink off their fingers. 

a sweetie bar

The current trend at all weddings but we weren't going to say no to sweets. For the kids, and adults alike, we had a sweetie bar where you could pick-n-mix a selection of treats and take them away in a little paper bag. Aside from this we had wedding cake, desert, chocolate champagne truffles and Scottish tablet - we covered all bases. 

It took a few lists, a couple of Amazon orders, a dining room full of boxes and a few extra hands on deck to pull it all together but the end result was ace, we nailed our wedding decorations on a budget  and loved it. It was everything we wanted, full of our own touches - so personal. 

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photographs by Maksym Gryshchenko + Robert Hoerenz