INDIA: Wearing My First Sari

The first Sari I ever wore, it instantly makes you feel like a princess!! The Sari is the national dress of Indian females. It is basically a strip of unstitched cloth, between 4 to 9m in length, which is draped over you, this is the challenging bit! A small blouse called a Choli is worn under the cloth along with an underskirt called a Lehenga. Both blouse and Sari come in all colour and styles; plane or super fancy and I often swapped mine with friends so we could pick and chose outfits. This is a very traditional dress and commonly seen at functions, special occasions like weddings. Wedding Sari’s, or fancy Sari’s, are usually dressier with plenty of embellishments like embroidery, beaded, mirrors, ribbon and sparkle!!

drape a sari