The Printroom, An Afternoons Work

I've never done it before but always wanted to try out some traditional printing and see how it all works. I spend the afternoon in our Print Room on campus, technician on hand, trying to learn the rather technical [and slightly repetitive] process of creating hand made prints from my etching.

It really surprised me how long it took to prepare the plate by inking it up and then rubbed it down each time you want to make a print. An amazing process which involves a huge amount of work, care and dedication. I used black in on which sommerset paper, the paper had been soaking and left to dry for a hour before, and finally I was ready to make a print. Laying the plate on the old victorian press, I took care to make use it was clean, level and would be pressed neatly to created the best print I would. Paper laid on to of the plate with newsprint on that and finally the blanket which protects the print and plate from the roller. All laid out I went to burl the wheel of this beautiful press and see what emerged the other side. 

eiffel tower print

Do you print or create work?