The Portfolio eCourse

I've launched my first eCourse, The Portfolio Course, and I'm excited to introduce you to it and it'll teach you 'Everything You Need To Know To Build A Great Portfolio For Application To University Or Employment'. 


This is the first course I have for sale. Each of my courses teach something different. It's a great site which is easy to use and easy for me to add new courses, so i'm hoping to add the Interior Architecture Basis course soon, and make this a learning hub for young designers and creative entrepreneurs. A lot of work has gone into this and I'm really excited to share this with you. The Portfolio Course is aimed at students and young designers, to assist them in the preparation of a portfolio for application to Art College, University, Internship or Employment. This is an online course, with a series of video lectures and downloads, meaning you can work at your own pace. I brings over 7 years of experience within higher education in the UK, Japan and India, and I have taught Portfolio Preparation workshops in schools and colleges internationally.