Red Fort, Delhi

Welcome to the incredibly beautiful Delhi Red Fort (it's not all red btw). This collection of buildings are stunning and easy to visit, and wander around. Located in Old Delhi, near Chandni Chowk market (also a great place if a little more adventurous) the Red Fort sees visitors from all over the world. 

I took an auto rickshaw to the main entrance and then walked a few minutes to the ticket office. There are two or three windows, one for India tickets Rs.100 and then for foreign visitors Rs.500. Once you have your ticket, simply show it to the guard and then enter. 

It's a good idea to cover up when visiting any sites of interest in India, out of respect. I wore long cotton trousers which were light and airy and a short sleeved top with a shall over my chest area. You will see a lot of Indian ladies dressed like this, it is mostly to draw attention away from their chest area. 

The Red Fort is a large complex and you can walk the paths between each building. They are not covered so you will get hot - bring water and a hat. In the evening there is also a music and light show, tickets sold separately. 

Other than that, the site is stunning and your will have many pictures with and without locals joining you.