Queensferry Crossing, prints now in stock

The Queensferry Crossing, costing a staggering £1.35bn, is the UK's tallest bridge and the largest cable bridge in the world with more than 23,000 miles of cable used. Set to be one of the worlds greatest bridges, it took over 18 million hours of work to build, with over 15,000 people involved in its construction. It's said that the bridge could last 150 years. After 6 years of construction it's now complete and is set to be opened this week by the Queen.

Plans for this iconic suspension bridge were first revealed back in 2007. The new bridge, designed to help with the ever demanding traffic flow and to aid in the original Forth Road Bridges's 'high-sided vehicle' issues, joins its neighbours' spanning the Forth, a distance of 1.7miles. The bridge is to take most of the current traffic that the Forth Road Bridge currently struggles with. The new Queensferry Crossing will have two lanes in each direction with a hard shoulder for any breakdowns, and is expected to remain open in all weathers. The Road Bridge (53 years old) will be mainly used by public transport and lighter traffic such as bike, pedestrians, etc. 

To mark this important date in Scottish design and engineering history, I am releasing the Queensferry Crossing drawing in prints. Please click on the link below to order your A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5") print now. 

Queensferry, made famous by the iconic Forth Rail Bridge (127 years old) now has a modern, yet just as engineered, third bridge. Three bridges, all build in different centuries, link Edinburgh and Fife, and lead the way into the Scottish Highlands. 

Plan for the opening:

Wednesday 30th August

The Queensferry Crossing will open to traffic on both side

Friday 1st September

Bridge will be closed

Saturday 2nd / Sunday 3rd September

50,000 members of the public (ticked from previous ballot) will walk across the Queensferry Crossing

Monday 4th September

The Queen will officially open the Queensferry Crossing

Tuesday 5th Sepember

10,000 locals and school kids will walk across the bridge

Thursday 7th September

The Queensferry Crossing will reopen to traffic, no further pedestrian access

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