Product Review: Pillow Sprays

How many of us can say that we get our full 8 hours of sleep each night? I thought so. It often feels like its harder to switch off, relax and drift off, especially when you are travelling and jet lagged. Recently I have been looking for products to help me in getting a good nights sleep whilst on the move and have fallen in love with This Works range of sleep products. 

I know, we've all seen this product heavily plugged over the internet but honestly, I love it and have just run out so I'm headed straight to repurchase it at Boots. I highly recommend the 'This Works deep sleep pillow spray' as it's the best smell I have found and I love the simple packaging but it can be hard to find in the shops so I have listed a few alternatives incase you are looking to try out a relaxing pillow spray. 

1. This Works (£16.00) This Works offers the best smell for a relaxing and calm nights rest which is long lasting, it is packaged in a small plastic bottle with spray top which is easy to travel with

2. L'Occitane lavender pillow (£14.00) Often sold out, which shows how good it is, the L'Occitane was recently repackaged in a heavier glass bottle so not as travel friendly but still a great product

3. Boots Re:Balance Dream Pillow Mist (£6.15) The cheapest and the one i use as a back up. Boots offers a lavender spray which is great to uses as a room spray too

The set I bought offers a sleepy magic spray for your pillow and sheets, spray a little before you go to bed and it will leave a relaxing and comforting smell which lingers and leaves you drifting off for a good nights sleep. I bought this for my last trip to India so I could try and beat jet lag straight away. I use the roll on for in-flight and on long car trips, and it helps me relax and get some much needed rest. A little pricey but the spray lasted me a month and the roll on is still going.


which do you recommend?