Pregnancy Diaries: Third Trimester

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I can’t believe that I am almost at the end of this pregnancy, it has just flown by. I know people say it will fly by but wow, it really does. I know when she’s here, the time (week, months and even years) will fly by too - it feels like I was literally just sitting down, at Christmas with Ingimar, announcing that we were pregnancy.

I’ve been tired, I’ve had indigestion (I have Rennies everywhere), constipation, hemorroides (not pleasant), baby kicking on my bladder but now she has turned and her head is engaged which actually makes you need to pee pretty much right then and there.

I got a little run down mid trimester, a mixture of things going on and being tired, etc. I wasn’t ill but by body was telling me to slowdown; I was getting coldsores and this is usually a sign. This is one of the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn in this pregnancy is to slow down - you cannot be a workaholic, juggling a million things.


Baby brain, argh!!


Still no cravings. Kind of disappointing. The only thing I am really craving is salad, which is a good thing.


This is the highlights, it’s a such a special feeling to have, not only a baby growing inside you but also to feel flutters and kicks as she moves around and grows. It’s amazing to have that connection before she’s even born. I feel bad that Ingimar doesn’t really get to feel that and connect in that way, but he feels some of the kicks. It is however getting a little bit uncomfortable and, there’s not really much room in there left (a knee pocking out, or a foot kicking your ribs or a bum wiggling around in there, even her head twisting and pressing against my bladder). It’s hard to describe. I already feel emotional that she will be here, she won’t be in my tummy anymore so I won’t feel those kicks - even though she will be in my arms.


It’s funny when people say you have the pregnancy glow when you actually just feel exhausted and like a zombie but at least you seemingly look good.

I have been having some pretty vivid dreams, they’re obviously connected to stuff that’s happened through the day and worries of mine but they are super weird and sometimes quite entertaining as well.

I wake up super early, super hungry - have breakfast and then I need a nap. It’s a guilty pleasure and a bad routine but good training for baby waking up.


Thank you for all your kind wishes and even gifts. You honestly don’t need to send us anything but we have been so lucky with treats from handmade items to hand-me-downs from more local viewers. This little girl is one lucky baby and has an incredible wardrobe already, and a huge collection of shoes!!

Somedays I feel that getting a load of washing on is an achievement, and I’m aware that this is a luxury and many Mums still have a lot to get through in their day but as a first time Mum, I am going to try to enjoy this and take it easy where and when I can. I have Ingimar and he’s been an amazing support getting food shopping in and helping around the house. I don’t know how single parents do it.

I still love aqua-fit, they were filming a documentary on birth in Iceland so bump and I were featured in that. It’s a great form of exercise when you’re heavily pregnant and bump is heavy and uncomfortable. And the hot hub after is amazing.

I am a little worried about postpartum recovery but we have a good family and set of friends to help where they can. I’m not old but I am an older Mum. I could have been doing this 10, 20 years ago but I hadn’t found the right man then and I busy with my career and travelling. I feel so lucky to have had all of that and to get to also have a family too. Not everyone gets all of that.

time together before baby

It’s hard to find the perfect balance between time together and enjoying the peace and quiet before life changes forever. It’s important to spend quality time together to discuss baby and get excited about family life.


We have changed over from the standard health care centres Midwife to a private one through Bjorkin, a local birthing centre. I highly recommend them.

Hospital Bags

All packed and ready to go. One for me with baby stuff in it, one for Ingimar. I have no idea how it’s going to go - I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of positive birth blog posts, and figured out what to pack from that.

birth plan

I went ahead and wrote a birth plan, on my own and gave it to Ingimar and explained it all to him. It’s the best way for us, we both agree on the steps and I have written things in there for him to say or reminders of things to try like different positions. It’s more like a list of things to remember and suggest.

Mainly I want to go with the flow. I am getting a bit nervous about labor, I have no idea what it’s going to be like or how long it will be, how painful and what postpartum recovery will be like. I am also getting excited about it though. There’s just so many unknowns so you have to keep an open mind and be as relaxed as you possibly can. Life is full of experiences - I’m not scared of a challenge or the unknown in this. Who knows when it will happen. My baby will come when my baby is ready to come. 100% she will be delivered so however it happens is however it will happen.

It’s the most natural thing and our bodies are designed to do this.


My Mum, aka Gran Roza, came over for a week and helped with the nursery. She did a load of DIY projects, as did I and Ingimar painted the room. I organised the wardrobe, washed and sorted all the baby clothes into sizes and stored away. It’s almost done, update coming soon…

We have set up the crib or cradle in our bedroom as baby will sleep in our room for the first 6 months.

Change table is set up in the living room.


I thought at the beginning of this pregnancy that it would be cool to do a look-book of what i am wear with bump but in reality I just wear a rotation of maternity leggings, jeans and Ingimar’s tops.


I have had some hip problems this trimester - my left hip was sore when I walked but my right hip was sore when I lay in bed. Everything is loosening up and preparing for the birth so my hips are getting a little better. There were points where I was cramping up to the point where I couldn’t even stand or walk.

What people is bugging me a bit. Admittedly, I have fallen into this trap before. When people see you as a pregnant woman with a bump - wether your bump is big, small, round, oval, high, low, showing at the back, whatever - why do people feel the need to share their opinion with you, even if they’re complete strangers?!

It doesn’t really bother me if people feel my bump but it’s a funny thing really, you wouldn’t normally touch someones tummy.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby PODCAST: Davina McCall - she said that when she sees a pregnant lady, she wants to go sit by them and say “you look amazing”, “your bump looks perfect”, and tell them her positive birthing experiences as there’s so many scare stories out there.

We also did a little pregnancy photoshoot - which was great fun and I love love love the pictures.


I am an ODC tidying freak and so nesting was something I was looking forward to. We’ve gone from room to room, sorting everything, the nursery is now decorated but the one room we have focussed our attention on is the kitchen. So we have a delivery of a new fridge freezer and a dishwasher coming tonight.

Also, everything falls on the floor - why is that?!

How has your pregnancy gone so far?