Pregnancy Diaries: Second Trimester

Getting used to the fact that we are pregnant, that I am growing a baby, is an odd one. Pregnancy is full of ups and downs, challenges and rewards, sickness and indigestion, flutters as baby kicks and moves around inside you. It truly is a miracle and one that you cant really appreciate until it's actually happening to you. That's why I want to keep this Pregnancy Diary going; so we, me and my daughter, can look back on this time and smile, knowing it was all meant to be. 

First off, thank you for all your lovely messages, comment and support, it means so much!! It is great to have an online community, a little support system that I can talk to through my camera. Thank you for watching, reading, double clicking and following along. 


Feeling and doing great, very luck so far. Only really suffering with indigenous, sore boobs, shoulder blade pains, constipation but this all eased off around week 25.


My hormones are settling after a few (daily) doses of crying


No really cravings yet, just for ice cream cones but that's gone now.


Baby is happily kicking away, Dad has felt her too, around week 17.


Being in bed and trying to sleep can be uncomfortable but I bought a Pregnancy Pillow which is amazing. I am learning to nap. Getting used to peeing all the time and twice in the night. Got given a night light which is great. Heartburn and sickness have made sleeping hard but I still find myself waking up early and super hungry.


I have been taking folic acid, vitamin D but here in Iceland, folic acid is advised until week 12. I moved onto the UK maternity vitamin, Pregnacare from week 12 onwards. 


Juggling a full time job and working for myself on Layoutlines has been tough. I'm slowing down and not as much of a workaholic anymore. I got let go from the full time job and am a lot less stressed now I’m not working for someone else. Ingimar has settled into his new job and is enjoying it. 


Ingimar has been great, making tea in the morning and helping with a packed lunch, attending appointments and scans, giving me massages, etc. He also bought me this fabulous Massage Belt which I use regularly and highly recommend. 


Ingimar found Bjorkin, a private birthing centre here in Iceland. We are going to enrol for a midwife there. We went to our first ‘birthing in Iceland’ class.


We already have second hand/charity items, some things from IKEA and local shops, but some of my amazing subscribes also sent items so a big thank you to them!!


I finally got some maternity clothes, over-the-bump jeans and new underwear. 


Enjoying having a bump, comparing bump sizes with others in my yoga class. Going swimming, aqua fit and for walks at lunch time.


Malaga with my Mum watch the vlog here

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Onto the final trimester