Pregnancy Diaries: First Trimester

Finding out I was pregnant was a strange one, a mix of emotions. I think we spend so much time protecting ourselves and staying safe that we train our minds to not fall pregnant. Then, when we are ready and actually wanting and planning for it, and when it happens, it's kind of a shock. I was definitely in shock and not quite sure what to feel. 

Taking the Pregnancy test

Ingimar got two pregnancy tests from the pharmacy and brought them home. I took the first almost straight away but when I went back to check the result, it was a failed test and showed nothing. This only added to my nerves and so taking a second at- home test was a little scarier. I said to poor Ingimar, who was patently waiting for the result, that I needed him to do the test. So he got me a cup and I pee'd in it. What a delight. I left it in the toilet for him to take the test with. So romantic. 

He came out a few minutes later was a beaming smile, showed me the test and I cried. I was in shock. I knew I was pregnant and I was happy about it but I didn't know howI was actually meant to act or feel. It's an odd situation to be in, but now that the news has settled in - I am very happy and feel very blessed. 

The next day we called the Doctor to make an appointment with the Midwife. Oddly, the first thing they asked was if we wanted to keep the baby. This was too much for me. Of course we did but I didn't expect them to be so direct. It was too cold, Ingimar took over and made the appointment with the midwife. 

Pregnancy symptoms

When you think of pregnancy symptoms you often think of morning sickness. I have been very lucky that I've not really suffered much with this, or any major pregnancy symptoms. I have had a few days at the start when I felt sick but was never actually sick. The biggest issue I had, or rather the early signs of pregnancy was sore boobs. Feeling like I had been punched in each boob everyday!! No joke, this was sore. 

The first scan

At 7 weeks we went for a confirmation scan. This was an internal scan where we got to see a little blur on the screen with a heart beat. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing to worry about really. The joy of seeing that heart beat was just amazing. 

The Doctor told me to start my vitamins right away so we bought folic acid and vitamin D, and I took them daily. I started to get excited and downloaded the pregnancy+ app. I put in our date and started reading up on the weekly posts and look through the pictures. It was starting to feel real. 

Around this time I was offered a job at a start up company downtown. I was still running Layoutlines and posting out orders, blogging and vlogging. It was important to me not to let any of that previous hard work slide so I juggled and continue to make it work, somehow.

The main side effects I have really suffered with have been tiredness, headaches, sinus problems, nose bleeds and crazy hormones. 

Sharing the big news

Telling people is a big high of the first trimester, and sharing the big news after week 12 is a relief. The first person I told was was actually my best friend as she was over visiting us and asked when my Roller Derby practice was. I couldn't think of a lie quick enough and she could read it all over my face. So I came clear and we spent the next few days talking excitedly about my big secret. 

The next we in week 10, I told my Mum and her partner. Then my sister and Ingimar told my brother. The only person we got to tell in person was Ingimar's sister and her son. It was fun to show the scan and hug and be happy in this together. 

I travelled to Hamburg before Christmas to celebrate my friends birthday and have a little reunion with friends from my time in India. Walking to a Christmas Market one night, I was trying to pick the perfect moment to tell them of my news before we reached the Mulled Wine. Woohoo, it was so fun sharing the news with them, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and Christmas cheer. We clinked our mulled wine, mine was a kids drink, and toasted the good news.

Then we had Christmas and New Year, I was tired but we had a great time. Ingimar and I sat down to film our Pregnancy announcement video, with my Mum through in the kitchen. I edited it and we shared our news with you all. 

12 week scan

Then, in week 12, we headed for the 12 week scan at the hospital. It was emotional seeing this little tiny baby dancing away, flipping and flopping around, he or she looked very happy. The results of the scan were very good, no abnormalities and my blood tests were perfect. 

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Onto the next trimester