Pregnancy Diaries: Boy or Girl, Old Wives Tales

Last night, the Viking and I (rather sleepily) sat down and filmed the 'Predicting the Gender of the Baby, with Old Wives Tales'. This evening we are having a little friends and family Gender Reveal Party so I thought it would be fun to play this video to our guest before we ask them to vote on the gender of the baby. It's all for fun, nothing factual, but if you are pregnant then have a go and see what total score bump gets - (questions below video if you want to do it yourself.) 

Comment down below what you think we are having; a boy or a girl? We will reveal in the next video!! 

Old Wives Tales:

  • Have you been more clumsy than usual = boy (less = girl)

  • Heart rate of baby - above 140 = girl (below = boy)

  • Do your feet feel colder = boy (same = girl)

  • Are you carrying high or low - low = boy (high = girl)

  • Are your hands drier = boy (normal = girl)

  • What are you craving - salty/savoury = boy (sweet = girl)

  • Is your mood - same/happier = boy (moodier = girl)

  • How is your skin - same = boy (worse = girl) - girl is said to steal the Mums beauty!!

  • What side do you sleep on - left = boy (right = girl) - left is advised through pregnancy

  • Are you getting more headaches - yes = boy (no = girl)

  • Sexy - Is your leg hair - same/less = girl (more = boy)

  • Dads weight - not gained any  = boy (has gained weight = girl)

  • The Chinese calendar - conception month + Mums age = chart reads as boy or girl

  • The Mayan calendar (or system) - Mums age + year of conception even = chart reads as boy or girl

  • Place a spoon under one cushion on a chair, fork under other, Mum sits on one - spoon under = girl (fork under = boy)

  • Wedding ring tied on thread or strand of Mums hair, hang over tummy - circle = girl (line = boy)

  • Key pick up - picked up from base = boy (picked up from key cut = girl)

  • What do the parents-to-be think? Boy or Girl

this is the alt text

Total score : 8 Boy / 11 Girl

What do you think we are having?