The Story Behind My Portobello Baths Drawing

This is a drawing I have just finished of Portobello Baths in Edinburgh which will be auctioned at the annual Portobello Amateur Swimming Club and Water Polo Team's summer ball. It shows the beautiful Victorian baths, located facing Portobello beach.  

This building holds a lot of memories for me; many evenings spent here watching my Dad play Water Polo and proudly coaching the team.  It is where I learnt to swim, alongside my big brother and little sister. Where I competed for badges and medals, ferried back and forth by our patient Mum, and where I caught many colds leaving with wet hair (Mums are always right!).  When my brother made the Water Polo Team, my little sister and I would play hide and seek up in the disused roof space. Now owned by the council, it has been redeveloped into a modern public swimming pool but its traditional Victorian beauty still stands proud, filled with many childhood memories.

Above is a photo of the drawing I did of Portobello Baths, Edinburgh.  It was auctioned off at the Portobello ASC's Centenary Summer Ball last weekend and raised an amazing £300 for the club.  

For more information on the club click Portobello Baths