We're Offering Portfolio Feedback

A simple way to get your portfolio checked over by a designer and academic. If you are looking to build your portfolio for entry to Art School, College or University and need a little help, we are now offering portfolio feedback. With over 6 years experience interviewing students and checking their portfolios, I have a huge amount of experience to assist you in creating the best portfolio to support your application.

Place your order, send your portfolio in a digital format (PDF or link) and I will get back to you. I will go through the work and comment on content, layout, text and offer you valuable feedback to help you improve your portfolio. This is done via email and skype, and can be completed within 24hrs.

If you have any questions, email sonia@layoutlines.com or tweet me @LAYOUTLINES

It really helped me to talk to Sonia about my portfolio, she pointed out things that worked and tips on how to make something stand out better through layouts. Our meeting was really nice and casual, kinda like meeting a friend for a coffee and a chat. I definitely recommend getting in touch with her for advice about your portfolio.
— Inga Hildur, Reykjavik