Moving to Iceland vlog - Week 1: Chapter Iceland

The sun is finally up and it's still snowing outside, thank goodness for my lumie lamp. I have a nice warm cup of tea and I'm ready to tell you more about my very exciting relocation news

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I arrived a week ago and was met at the airport by my fiancé plus red rose - what a romantic. It was a complete blizzard outside so we made a run for the car park, it's been white outside ever since. First impressions...well, it feels a little like christmas pretty much everyday with the dark mornings, snowing landscape and twinkling fairy lights BUT PLEASE ICELAND, put down some grit - I think (and hope) I will have amazing core strength by Spring. 

The next day we had a slow morning catching up and making pancakes. I had signed up to deliver a lecture the following day so had to finish preparing that. I felt quite at home with Ingimar pottering around whilst I worked away on my laptop. The next day he dropped me off at the venue and we met the team. I gave a lecture on 'Preparing a portfolio for Art College' and then met with some students to answer their questions. It was my first days work in Iceland and it was going well - that feels like a month ago now. 

Back to the move. Having relocated a few times now, Japan and India, I should be an expert on this but of course I stressed, I over worried, I left things to the last minute, there were hiccups and letdowns, but I got here and it's all worked out just fine. 

I couldn't have done it without my mum and my fiancé, so a massive thank you goes to them. My mum flew down to Bournemouth to help me pack up the flat, get my boxes shipped and say my final goodbyes before I flew home for Christmas. My fiancé, Ingimar, has been so supportive from the start. He knew when to help and when I needed time. He bugged me on some things and got me organised on others. He didn't worry too much when he was excited and I was, well, just plain stressed. 

It's only been a week and I'm already 3 boxes down...7 to go, but I have a good feeling about this. I've spent the week relaxing, napping, adjusting and some interior planning. I have lots of ideas and have been working on education related blog posts, my upcoming ecourses and also recording some footage for a video diary I am now editing so will try to post it over the weekend (let's see). Yes it's daunting to move again, and to a cold, dark country where I can't speak the language but that's just a challenge, right?...filled with potential, yeah!? Ha. But seriously, I feel very happy and lucky to be here in Reykjavik, with Ingimar, having the time to get settled in, together.

So here we go. Surrounded by packing boxes and ideas lists, welcome to Chapter Iceland

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