#MonthlyMotivation : September

It's the 6th of September - maybe one of these months I will post this on the 1st?! 

It’s been over a month since we walked down the aisle and I can’t be happier. I’m not quite sure what the word is but I feel content, comfortable, maybe it’s more like being settled but it feels so good. Although I have been away from Ingimar for the last 10 days, and we missed each other a lot, it is good to be back home and back with my partner in crime. 

This week his sister is off on holiday to celebrate a big birthday so we are babysitting her son for the week. I will be giving him my best Auntie Sonia treatment and taking him to and from school, packing his lunch, getting him to swim practice and helping Ingimar get him ready for school and homework done. It will be fun but I am not looking forward to early mornings and a sleep kid (more like a sleepy me). 

I'm also starting a big project with a new client and have a meeting to prepare for which is very exciting and I have loads of ideas buzzing around in my head. I love this feeling and state of design. So lets get into the monthly list.


I know, the wedding video is a huge job and me sitting watching all these clips isn't getting the video edited any quicker. Hopefully I will get a day where I can get it done soon but for now I am enjoying watching and working through it. 

Flying back on Sunday I stood in the line to board and the lady behind me said “oh hello, you don't know me but I watch your videos” and then another 2 people onboard thanked me for my video. It was admittedly a little odd but good to know they’re helpful and it’s always nice to meet viewers. 

More wedding content coming soon and the Edinburgh vlog from last week.


Wedding stuff is packed away or passed on to the next happy couple, wedding cards are still out on display and I have given a home to the dried or artificial wedding flowers. The apartment is home to three of us for the next week and I’m sure it will get a little chaotic but it will be fun to trail family life. 

I have a few little DIY projects to finish and then we will start designing the built-in wardrobe (of my dreams) and you never know…I might ever persuade Ingimar that we actually do need to install a bath tub too. 


Just back from Edinburgh and looking to book again for when my little sister becomes a mum!! Ingimar has booked a lads weekend away to Brussels in November and is talking about a football trip to the UK too. Meanwhile in Iceland, we have a summer cabin booked for this weekend and are heading to the sheep gathering festival. There will be plenty of opportunity for some great Instagram posts and some more vlogging. 

The planning has started and we are set on Havanna, but we need to plan other locations, route and date. More to come…


With a list of idea, projects, videos and blog posts I have my work cut out. I also have a new client and a couple of commissions to do. I also really want to focus my efforts on Instagram and share some more shots of Reykjavik and the fabulous landscape around us. 

I have been working on the graphics for Pinterest so hopefully soon there will be a pin-it graphic for each post. 

  • video or blog post on stress

  • update the eCourses

HEALTH + EXERCISE (Roller Derby)

A week back home lifting, carrying, playing with and generally hanging out with my little niece and nephew was a mini workout. I didn’t manage many walks and the swim I did was really just with the little learners. Low carb was kept as much as I could though I did have some treats at my sisters baby shower and my stomach reminded me of what a bad idea that was. I’m back to a fridge full and have prepped a big bowl of salad and hard boiled eggs, really to get back on track.

My hand is getting much better and I will be back on my skates shortly. We have a fresh meat course starting in a couple of weeks and my friend is joining so it will be so good to have another mate around. Whilst I was away, there was a scrummage and the team filmed some clips which I will edit this week and get off to them. If you’d like to see more on Roller Derby Iceland then head over to the Facebook Page

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