#MonthlyMotivation : October

It's the start of October - how the heck did that happen?! The last few weeks have been getting rainier and windier. The autumn colours are out and the trees look fantastic but I just want to cosy up on the sofa, under a pile of blankets, with a mug of tea and rewatch Gilmore Girls all over again. 

After babysitting our nephew for 10 days whilst his Mum was on holiday, and having some visitors too, it's nice to get some time on our own again. Ingimar is back into his routine and I'm back to juggling mine. My latest client project is going well and I had a busy week last week between that and a meeting with an app developer for some beta testing I've been doing. So let’s see how this month looks.


Good news, the wedding video is on its way. I had hoped to get the editing finished last weekend but we had a few social events which took priority so it’ll be live soon - stay tuned. Incase you missed it though, here’s a little pre-wedding chat I filmed back in July with some tips and chat on our wedding and its planning. 

And, with the interesting situation going on here with the (lack of) Icelandic government, there have been a few requests for a video on that. I have asked the local to sit down and film something so I shall bug Ingimar through the week so we can get that video up. 


The DIY projects are starting to come together. Last week we headed to IKEA and planned out our wardrobe, bought some light fittings for the lamps I’m up cycling and changed over the kitchen curtains. (That dream bathroom with bathtub will just have to wait!) I have a few sewing projects to get done which will be a nice cosy afternoon job.


The summer cabin was lovely and so peaceful. The weather wasn’t great but I made the most of the hot tub nonetheless. 

We have a few visitors in the diary for the next month or two which will be nice to have people come here. Apart from that, my little sister is expecting and was due last Friday so we're excitedly awaiting the arrival of another niece or nephew to spoil. I haven’t booked to fly over just yet, but we are both planning to head over and see them once he/she is here. Ingimar has his lads weekend away to Brussels to look forward to and we're both off to Dublin on a work trip in the next few weeks. 

Honeymoon planning is ongoing. We were set on Cuba but are now considering a more chilled out, all-inclusive type holiday somewhere in Mexico. Argh, too much to choose from and not enough holiday days to play with…


I’m working through my list of idea, projects, videos and blog posts and making good progress. I have stepped up my Instagram game and am participating in #Inktober2017 sharing a drawing everyday for the month of October.  

Main to-do list:

  • Pinterest graphics done and pinned

  • Shop recategorised and listings up to date

  • Wedding blog posts up (posted, live or scheduled)

  • Video or blog post on stress (still to do)

  • Update eCourses (still to do)

  • Add more freebie wallpapers (to do)

HEALTH + EXERCISE (Roller Derby)

TBH there’s been a fair amount of socialising recently which is nether low carb nor are the salty chips I crave the next morning. Oh dear! Through the week I'm good and have been keeping to a pretty strict LC diet and keeping myself hydrated. 

Back at Roller Derby and we have a bunch of new recruits who we've been helping in practice. It’s a lot of fun helping them learn to skate and showing them the skills but they're all really good - I think some of them could kick my skating butt pretty soon. So, with these Fresh Meat around, I'm no longer a newbie and have actually agreed to go forward for the Minimum Skills test next week - OMG what am I doing!? Wish me luck

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