#MonthlyMotivation : May

The fact I'm writing this on the 15th of this month shows you how busy I've been. We are just back from a week in Edinburgh catching up with family and getting on with some serious Wedding prep. So let's get into it and maybe I will feel a little calmer at the end...


It's still a HUGE task, stress levels are high. We flew home to Scotland last week and spent the week blitzing our To-Do list. We met with the minister, visited the venue, discussed table plans, decorations, flowers, rings, grooms outfit, and handed in our official papers. Invited are all printed and ready to go out, I am just putting the finishing touches to the online information that our guest are getting...it's all getting very exciting, the only downside is that we still have weeks to wait (but I know it'll fly in). I really want to sit down and film a 'Wedding Planning Update' video so watch this space.  And, now onto thinking about a honeymoon...


Can you tell that I am super happy about this. It's so exciting. I uploaded a little highlights from a year of the vlogs video and also ran a competition. I have a list in my diary of videos to film and I'm slowly making my way through it. 


I would still love to film a home tour but not much has happened on the DIY ideas front. The shelves are gathering dust, I cant remember the 'safe' place I put the lights that need installed, the coffee table is the same as it was last month and our bedside tables are just a little cleaner. I still really want to create a bar cart but the only thing that's happened on that front is that Ingimar bought a book on Whiskey and 2 glasses from our trip to Scotland. I'd better kick some DIY butt, I think...


Just back from Scotland and heading back there in a month for my Hen do. Woohoo. I am so looking forward to it, whatever is in store, it will be so fun to see friends and family again and enjoy time with them before the big day. I still want to see more of Iceland before the high season of summer but it's approaching fast and I just don't think we will manage until post-wedding. Mini-moon possibly!!


Since last month I have needed up the site and sorted blog posts into better categories to help you search and find what you are looking for. The new content I had planned for the Layoutlines Library is still in my head but we will get there!! I did however create a blog post with a pin-able graphic for Pinterest and I have been pretty consistent with posting good content to Instagram. I'm thinking of doing a video or blog post on stress, not just for students, possibly for brides-to-be too (eek) but I need to do a little bit more research first. And finally, the colour theory eCourse is being developed and I am working on content for that. 


Even though I missed a few practices last week, I am looking forward to getting back on my skates this week. I'm still pretty terrified but I am loving my new kit, especially my knee pads, they are amazing and they have made falling a little less traumatic. I still need to change over my wheels to the fancy red ones and add all the other faff I bought but I might wait a few more practices.

yup, that's better. Much like writing endless to-do lists, writing this blog post was like ticking (almost) all of the jobs off and giving myself a wee pat on the back. And off course, feel free to share your goals or projects in the comments too, let's help motivate each other. I'll leave you with this quote that I think rocks, "your vibe attracts your tribe" ocht, so on point.