#MonthlyMotivation : June

Slightly earlier than last month but still not the first week - must try harder! Feeling much calmer this month and getting much more excited for the wedding now that my hen do (bachelorette party) is coming up. There have also been some unexpected changes as the Viking and I decided to go low carb last week and we have stuck with it! Lets see what this months motivations look like


Feeling a lot less stress, let's see how long that lasts. This month I have my hen do (bachelorette party) and the Viking has his Stag. I'm very excited for this and to be home with my sister and best mate, planning and discussing the wedding more. They have a fun weekend planned, it's all a secret, but I am sure it will be a blast. I will be home for 2 weeks to attend my hen do, my friends and also my cousins wedding. So I'll have plenty of time to fit in some DIY Wedding projects too. Still meaning to sit down and film that 'Wedding Planning Update'...watch this space


Just trying to keep this going in between all the other projects right now.


I would still love to film a home tour and we are getting there on the DIY front. The shelves are up and I am looking out the lights. The coffee table is staying the same as it was as the Viking didn't like my idea BUT he is ok with me DIY'n our bedside tables. And, we have a bar cart - well, kinda. 


Starting to think about a 'mini-moon' in Scotland for right after the wedding so if you have any suggestions, please comment or message!! No further forward on honeymoon locations but we have agree on sometime early next year so we have time to still dream of and plan that. 


I have been slowly but surely working away, adding new content to the Layoutlines Library and the Free Tech Downloads section. That video or blog post on stress, not just for students, possibly for brides-to-be too (eek) is in the works, slowly but surely :) The colour theory eCourse is being developed and I'm adding new items to my online shop.

Hallgrimskirkja Print

I'm now offering House Portraits

HEALTH + EXERCISE (was Roller Derby)

Since the roller derby season is over for now, and we have now turned Low Carb, I am trying to integrate a little more exercise into my routine with gentle daily walks and evening swims. I plan to get a set of outdoor wheels for my skates so I can practice after the wedding, but for now I will start boring you with my new and improved diet.