#MonthlyMotivation : July

It's the 4th of July, on a side-note we're off to a BBQ tonight to celebrate American Independence Day, but July means one big thing....it's officially our wedding month!! Feeling excited and oh so slightly nervous this month with only a few weeks to go. The next few weeks will fly by as we tock off the last items on the Wedding To-Do list, pack and head off to Scotland because WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!


I'm feeling surprisingly calm considering the countdown has started. The bachelorette and Hen Weekends are gone and boy were they fun!! My Icelandic friends planned such an amazing surprise day for me with a list of dares and drinks for each, we went to a pole dancing class, karaoke and I even had my tarot cards read.

I went home for 2 weeks to see friends and family and get some serious DIY Wedding projects done. The Edinburgh Hen Weekend was a very classy do with an apartment hired at Ramsey Gardens no-less. My bridesmaids planned loads of games, and food, funny photos, a selfie area, they all dressed me up and we even had a life drawing model and naked butler. Edinburgh Hen Weekend vlog coming soon..

I know, still meaning to sit down and film that 'Wedding Planning Update'...watch this space


I managed to film a couple of videos with my mum when I was back home and they've gone down really well. Watch the Tapping For Relaxation video and keep an eye out for a Yoga one.


Home tour had been put on the back burner until after the wedding. Then I shall get into installing the lights, DIY'n our bedside tables and instagram'n the heck out of our beautiful home.


I have now booked a little treat for the Viking and I as a 'mini-moon' in Scotland for right after the wedding and I think we are back to considering Cuba but the more I think about it, the more I just want to go now!! 


I think I have to be realistic here, let things on the site sit for the next few weeks and just take time out to fulling enjoy our wedding. And then when I am back I will get that video or blog post up on stress, not just for students, possibly for brides-to-be too (eek), and the colour theory eCourse will be a close second on my next to-do list.

HEALTH + EXERCISE (was Roller Derby)

Low Carb is going well and I have lost half a stone!! Breakfast is still my hardest meal and I am struggling to come up with options to face each morning but I am getting there. Sleep is now the biggest problem as its still very light at night here in Iceland and I am readjusting after being back in Scotland. I am aiming for a solid 7-8hours of rest each night but when you lie in bed, that to-do list really plays on your mind. Heading to the outdoor pool and hot tubs soon with my new swimming costumes. 

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