#MonthlyMotivation : January 2018

It's January and it's 2018 - and new year and a fresh start. I love this time of year, when I bring out my crisp new diary and start to plan and get organised. This year I'm jumping on the bullet journal trend and getting creative.

Christmas was fun, our first in Iceland, and we had my Mum over to celebrate with us. She's back home in Scotland now and we are flying back over for a little family Christmas weekend and my birthday celebration this weekend (yay) so I'm looking forward to seeing the family again, especially the little ones.

The long dark nights are starting to take their toll on me, I think its more because I am now working in an office downtown and so I don't see as much daylight as when I was working from home. It can feel like night shift. The sun rises at 11:30am and sets at 3:30pm so the daylight is short. Its also not been too snowy which can help brighten things up so, as I sit here with my blocked nose, I am craving some real vitamin D right about now!!


We shared our BIG NEWS video and it went down so well. Thank you to everyone who liked and commented on it, I can't believe the support we have had and all the lovely comments have really lifted me. I am excited to share more pregnancy content along with vlogs and other videos soon. 


We enjoyed our first Icelandic Christmas spent at home here in Reykjavik. We had a little tree and lots of decorations around the apartment. I laid out the Christmas dinner table and we kept it like the for a few days. I have been burning festive candles and enjoying the smell, in the short breaks when my nose is unblocked!! It will be sad to take it all down but we will leave the fairy lights up until the lighter days return.


Hamburg last month was great and really got me in the Christmas mood. Wandering the Christmas markets with my friends and sharing my news with them under twinkling lights was just magical. We will now be packing our bags and heading back for a family Christmas, we fly on my birthday and I will be doing some online maternity ordering prior. Can't wait to get back and see my little niece and nephews. 

Honeymoon planning is ongoing, once Ingimar gets a job then there will be no holding us back. After all, the second trimester is the one everyone says to get away and have a holiday in. 


Now that I'm working within the tourist market I'm getting a good insight into what tourist ask about, and that's the Northern Lights, so I'm planning a blog posts on this and will post it soon. I still have a few draft posts I want to get up and have some pictures to post on Instagram too. I hope to get the new prints listed in my online shop so stay tuned for those!!

Juggling everything is getting a little challenging but I hoping my normal levels of energy will return soon so I can get back to filming, editing and uploading. 

Main to-do list:

  • Play in the snow (when it next snows)

  • List new products (will launch in the New Year)

  • Update eCourses (on hold for now)

  • Add more freebie wallpapers (will do in 2018)


I am very aware that sitting under a blanket on the sofa watching endless Christmas movies doesn't keep me fit and healthy but we have managed some good long wintery walks and hot pool swims. Looking into yoga or pilates and looking forward to meeting other Mums-to-be!!

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