#MonthlyMotivation : February 2018

It's February and I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant - how the heck, it's just flying by!! Also, I finally edited and shared my 'Pregnancy Diaries: First Trimester' video on YouTube and have had such lovely comments and messages from you all, so a big thank you for your support and congratulations. 

Life is busy but good. It's still very much a Winter Wonderland outside so, as my winter coat still does up - barely, I'm enjoying my daily lunchtime walks in a rather snowy downtown Reykjavik. Head over to Instagram to follow my stories and join me on the walks. 

I've decided to change things up a bit and will no longer be doing a #MonthlyMotivation post on here but instead I'll be sending out a monthly Newsletter. The Layoutlines Newsletter will be dedicated to Design, Travel and Lifestyle, with some motivation to help you get sh*t done. Delivered monthly. Simply subscribe and it'll be delivered right to your email in box. Thanks.

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