#MonthlyMotivation : December

It's December - the advent calendar has official be started, the Christmas movie binge watching has commenced and, along with the news of a new job (wait a second) you'd better believe we have the Christmas tunes on in the office!! 

I'll be honest straight up, the last few weeks have been tough. Unfortunately the viking was made redundant and so it's been a little stressful around here. The company he worked for, CCP, let got of 31 people and closed 3 offices internationally. A huge change and a change that will bring a large knock-on-effect to Reykjavik. It's a sad time as so much will change but it's also an opportunity so bring on those open doors!!

So with that news, I upped the job search and luckily enough, landed a full time position in a start-up company here in Reykjavik. They started a few years ago as a small cluster of Bubble Hotels (yes, those really cool clear bubble tent structures where you can sleep under the stars and hopefully see the Northern Lights) and are about to grow into a large tour company offering luxury tours in Iceland. So I am now their in-house designer. I am designing the website, the tours, creating content and helping gain new land with Bubble Hotel design proposals. I'm a few weeks in and really enjoying it, wish me luck!!


So with the new job and juggling everything I was doing before that, I'm really playing catching up. I have been editing videos in the evenings and getting them up on my YouTube channel but it's hard. I don't want to let the videos or posts slide so I'm doing my best but just relaxing the schedule a little. 


Well, as it's DECEMBER you'd better believe I have looked out the Christmas decorations and turned on the fairy lights already. I asked the viking to bring up the (sadly artificial) tree at the weekend but he said its too early - scrooge!! I'm hoping next weekend he will be in the mood for it. 


I'm so excited as this year my Mum is flying over to spend the holidays with us in Iceland. I'm still not quite sure what an Icelandic Christmas entails but I will no doubt share it with you all. And then we will fly over to Scotland to join the family for a little post-Christmas Christmas celebrations in early January. 

Honeymoon planning is ongoing, will keep you posted…


I took some beautiful (if I do say so myself) pictures and shared them on Instagram but it's a lot harder to post when there's very little daylight. For now, I'm posting a little Christmassy picture everyday in December leading up to Christmas. 

And with the new job, sadly there is no vlogmas this year, maybe next year, who knows

Main to-do list:

  • Write Christmas cards

  • Put up tree and decorate

  • Wrap gifts

  • Plan Iceland-Scottish Christmas??

  • Prepare Christmas feast

  • Play in the snow (when it next snows)

  • List new products (will launch in the New Year)

  • Finish client projects (chasing up fees, gotta love that admin)

  • Update eCourses (on hold for now)

  • Add more freebie wallpapers (will do in 2018)


It's dark, it's winter and I feel like all I can manage is to crawl out of bed and get to work looking half decent. Must pack a swimming bag and hit the pool after work...maybe next week.

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