#MonthlyMotivation : August

It's the 4th of August and I write this months post as a married lady!! Yup, it's official, I'm a Mrs. It goes without saying that July was an epic month!! Ingimar and I had thee best time in the run up to - ok, yes it was manic - and over the weekend of our wedding. But we had lots of friends and family helping out which made it so much easier (thank you). Lots of pals travelled to join us, some as far as HongKong, Singapore and India, and of course the Icelanders were there in full viking spirit. *more about the Wedding coming soon*

So, now that we're back in Iceland and getting back to the daily grind, I thought I would sit down and get the monthly motivation out there as it always set me up for the next few weeks. But first off, let's be honest, I plan on taking it a little easier for the next week (if I can allow myself) and take some time to de-stressing and re-energising after all the To-Do lists, DIYs and excitement of getting married. 



I can hardly believe it, we are married!! I'm so happy and feel so lucky...I'm pretty sure that's how you're meant to feel but walking out the wedding hall as Mr & Mrs - (name to be confirmed), we both beamed with happiness and excitement "we did it". We had the best wedding, I'm not biased at all, but seriously it was fab and everything just felt so right. The set up was of course manic; getting everything to the venue and then decorating it ready for the big day, but we had a lot of help. In saying that, it was wonderful the have a venue that was completely ours to do what we liked with. We had it for the entire weekend so we could truly spend time with guests, catch up and party hard - it still flew by. 


We hired a videographer to film our wedding day so I now have hours of footage to go through and edit into a short video, but I can't wait to watch it all, relive the day and share it with you. I've also planned a few side-down videos on advice for brides-to-be and DIY wedding decor.


Our home tour is still on the back burner until after all the wedding stuff is packed away or passed on to the next happy couple...currently the flat is full of beautiful and very thoughtful wedding cards, and some dried wedding flowers.


We managed a mini-moon and headed off for 3 nights to the north-west of Scotland. The weather was incredible for the first day but Scotland delivered its usual thundery showers thereafter. It didn't dampen our newly-wed spirits as we drove from Edinburgh up to Applecross, around Skye and then back down to Calendar. We visited some amazing sites from the Coral Beach on Skye to Eilean Donan Castle which I'd never been to before and was well worth a visit. 

We are yet to research, plan and book the official honeymoon but I think CUBA is winning in our choices and I can not wait!!


After giving myself some 'time off' (if I can call it that) over the last few weeks, it's hard to get back into blogging, vlogging and instagramin'. I've sat down to finish writing this blog post over the last two days and each time I just wanna take a nap #WeddingFatigue (it's a real thing). Today I took myself for a nice long walk - in the rain - and went to the local coffee shop. I'm not a blogger that often hangs out and 'works' in a coffee shop but I got loads of brain storming done and am feeling a little clearer on some of my ideas and upcoming projects. And yes, I'll get round to that video or blog post on stress, updating the eCourses and all the other ideas in my new notebook.

HEALTH + EXERCISE (Roller Derby is back!!)

Well, we both fell well and truly off the low-carb-wagon pre-wedding and enjoyed the week before by eating what we liked and just enjoying life. Which is so important and I'm glad we did it. I was in no way on some crazy bridal diet, it's all about the lifestyle and so we are in it for the long haul. But having said that, the first Monday back we were both on the scales and back on the (semi) Low Carb living. I say "semi" as we are easing ourselves back in and making sure we opt for healthy, and as low carb, as we can find; food shopping is challenging on a normal diet here in Iceland. I'm back to my hard boiled eggs and spinach breakfasts, salads and natural Skyr with nuts and berries - see, doesn't sound all that hard. My sleep is on a winner right now as I'm getting 7-8 hours, I could sleep more but I am trying to stick to a routine. And finally, Roller Derby is back and we start practice again this week in the run up to skating in Reykjavik Gay Pride next weekend. 

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