#MonthlyMotivation : April

#MonthlyMotivation, let's see how long this holds but I posted this image to Instagram this morning and, I'm not sure if it's the longer days or just that it's (kinda) getting a little bit more sping-like here in Iceland, but I feel like I have a more energy and am ready to - perhaps - take on new projects but certainly tackle some of the ideas bouncing around in my head. 

So, here we go, Monthly Motivation. Maybe not every month but I'll try to outline what I'm working on or what challenges I'm facing and share them with you in the hope that they motivate both me and you. Of course, feel free to share your goals or projects in the comments too, let's help motivate each other. 


I feel ok about where we are with all the wedding planning - it's a HUGE task and I am still enjoying it. I feel like 1 jobs get done but it creates 3 jobs to still do. We have most things booked, deposits paid, excel sheet in order, invites almost there, paperwork started...it's ok for now and ok is good enough. Well, I'm even considering sitting down and filming a 'Wedding Planning Update' video but let's see (too much to keep a secret for now). 


I am loving my youtube channel at the moment and the fact that I have 900+ subscribers is super exciting. I have an exciting video I'm currently editing for this weeks vlog - which I hope to also use as the featured video - and my current series of 'Living In Iceland' videos are going down really well. I have a list in my diary of videos to film and I'm slowly but surely making my way through it. 


I would love to film a home tour BUT I just feel like there are too many temporary things in our home, i.e our temporary wardrobe. I have Pinterest boards and DIY ideas, that's not the problem, I just need to do them. Lots of small jobs like shelves needing put up, lights installed, I have coffee table DIY project and a bedside table project. I really want to create a bar cart and there's lights I bought months ago for our bedside and they are still in the drawer, oops.


But there is more to life than household chores and making everything look pretty. I want to see more of this beautiful country and I would love to do it before the high season of summer tourists. We need to plan some time into our diaries and get a road trip fitted in. Stay tuned. 


This is where most of the ideas bouncing around in my head are for. I want to create new - FREE - content for the Layoutlines Library, create blog graphics for Pinterest, keep posting good content to Instagram and consistently, work on more Student Advice blog posts and other Portfolio / eCourse related work. I have so many ideas, argh, I think I just need to create a giant list and start working through it all. I feel like I was like this last spring too - it's like having an online spring clean and update. Yes, that makes it sound do-able. 


Not something I ever thought I would be doing, never mind enjoying - don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty terrified of it too - but now that I have my own kit, I need to learn how to look after it which includes changing the standard wheels on my boots to the fancy red ones I spend good money on (currently still sitting in their packet). I also need to lace up the boots to the point where they are comfortable, tight but not cutting off my circulation. I think this might take some playing around with.