Lupins with Love

wild lupins

The weather at the moment is just beautiful, 14'c. It's warm and sunny with a cool breeze - yup, I must have acclimatised!! Yesterday the viking and I headed out on some wedding item sourcing and stopped off at some fields of lupins at Garðabær and Hafnarfjörður on the way home. I really wanted to get some pictures of them before the weather turns again and the next few weeks will be busy with wedding stuff and our upcoming Hen and Stag parties. 

Many Icelanders see these fields of purple as quickly spreading weeds but in a country where there's not a huge variety of colour, or wind life, I find this change in the green, mossy landscape, very refreshing. Iceland doesn't have a lot of flowers, or trees for that matter, and so we used the lupin within our wedding inspiration and design. It features in our invites and will potentially be there on the wedding day - if we can source some back in Scotland. We both love a very natural palette and so our wedding colours are navy blue, dark green and a lavender lupin type of purple. 


I brought a bunch of lupins home, they're sitting on our dining room table. I'm currently making some notes so that I can sit down an film a 'Wedding Planning Update' video this week, before the lupins wilt, so keep an eye out for that on my channel here. And if you have any questions that you'd like me to answer, please tweet me or send me a message

Sonia and Ingimar Iceland Lupins
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Sending you love, in the run up to our wedding...not long now!!