Living In Iceland, The Best Bits


It's been a year since I moved to Iceland to join Ingimar and though there have been ups and down, that time has flown by and I'm feeling very much at home. Yes Iceland is beautiful and yes it expensive, but its home to us and we have tried to share a little bit of each week with you on YouTube.

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In the last year I have felt isolated and alone, exhilarated and inspired, challenged and encouraged. I have made new friends, learnt new words and phrases. I've celebrated bun-day and eating some pretty awful foods on Thorrablot. I've struggled to adapt to harsh seasonal changes, yet found my inner-child when there's a fresh snowfall. I've learnt to take life slowly in the dark winters and fill the long, light summer nights. I've felt judged by people - labels, career boxes or a lack of definition; I've built up my own little corner of the internet and my confidence with it. I've discovered a love for lobber soup and hot dogs. I've chased waterfalls, stood frozen admiring the Aurora and am constantly amazed in disbelief by it's dance. I've learnt to drive on the other side of the road, in ice and snow - I'm amazed by local driving skills (especially parking, not). I've joined the national Roller Derby team. I've fallen deeper in love with my Viking and his heritage. And we continue to build our home, our lives, our dreams and each other. 

So, it's about time we look back over the year 'Living in Iceland' and reminisce a little...


Move here for a good reason, yes Iceland is beautiful but that's not a good enough reason for relocating

Make sure you can afford it because wow is it expensive to live here

Don't just live here, travel here too (it's easy to get stuck in your weekly routine, I know)

Learn Icelandic - well try to, even just a few pleasantries

Make local friends, this will help with the language and will also get you into the culture

Leave once in a while, get some perspective and don't take all of this for granted

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