Layoutlines Lettering Workshops

I'm opening the doors of my studio and inviting you to a series of casual, creative workshops from my home studio here in central Reykjavik. These workshops will be a great way to learn a new skill, with old or new friends, and take home your finished artwork. Self taught, I have developed my calligraphy and brush lettering style over the last 3 years and have created beautiful lettering for private clients for VIP events, wedding invites, commissions and print. 

Scroll down to click the link and book yourself on the workshops. All workshop include the essential materials to take away and practice until you’re a pro. Plus, there's tea and coffee, and often a scone too!! 

Learn Calligraphy and Brush Lettering in Reykjavik

Previously working as a Senior Lecturer, I have over 7 years experience teaching Design in higher education. I understand how to break down the learning process so you can easily pick up the skills and I can support you in developing your own style. On my workshops you'll quickly pick up hand lettering skills and confidence in calligraphy and brush lettering, and will have great fun doing it. 

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if you're in Reykjavik, come along - I can't wait to meet you