Interior Architecture: Recommended Magazines + Journals

Working as an academic, I wrote courses, project briefs, helped lead tutorial groups and supported final year students in their dissertation and final major projects. In order to do this I had to be up to date on the current trends, technologies, building projects and research. I spent a lot of time online and in the library reading up and watching documentaries, skimming journals and following competitions. 

As a student this is also important and is a good habit to get into. Over the next few posts I will be giving you a list a my go-to books, magazines and journals for you to find, buy and subscribe to. Today we start gently with my best picks for Interior Architecture Magazines and Journals. 

Magazines + Journals

Stay current with design news and get into the right frame of mind at the beginning of a project. There are loads of journals out there, plus it's always interesting to pick up an international one when you're travelling too. I recommend starting with FrameWallpaperELLE Décor (and look into possibly taking up a subscription). 

Online Journals + Web Sites

Aside from this, you can always have a look online at and and there are loads of blogs to follow too.