INDIA: Bye bye "Aunties"

A little update: Having left India, a huge challenge in itself, back in January I have moved to a new place, started a new job, have a new set of students and, well, it's a new chapter really. It is taking me a lot longer than I had expected to settle back in the UK - it is cold and grey, and very very quiet. However it is nearer family and friends, plus I'm enjoying the more 'normal' perks of life such as having electricity and water 24/7. 

Reminiscing over my time in India and I thought I would introduce you to Koshelia. Koshelia was our cleaning lady, cook and often my dresser when a Sari was required. In India people often refer to their elders as Auntie or Uncle, as a sign of respect. Koshelia is a wise Auntie indeed and, even though she didn't speak English, we enjoyed a coffee together in the morning trying to discuss how her week had been and what her children were up to. She would run around cleaning in the morning as I ran around getting ready for work. I have fond memories of her riding side-saddle on my scooter when I dropped her home, her tactics to get extra money out of me if her children needed something, or her adding some spice to a lovely bland British meal we had cooked. She is a strong minded and independent lady who looked after and generally fussed over me and my friends just like a mummy-ji.