INDIA: The Academic Work Trip - Delhi, Mumbai + Bangalore

I've just returned from a two week tour of India. I was there for work, an educational visit to Schools, Colleges and Universities, to education agents and education fairs. We travelled from London to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, back to Delhi and onto Bangalore, where I used to live and work. 

Being back in India after almost two years was amazing. There is a sense of energy, excitement and opportunity in the air which was still very much there. The sun was shining, it was comfortably warm for December, and I was revisiting India with a new challenge and aim. I was there as the academic representative for my University, helping our international department in marketing and recruitment. I met with and spoke to students who are interested in a design education. I gave talks, workshops, drawing classes, interviews and portfolio reviews. 

It was a tough trip, and we worked pretty damn hard, but I honestly think we did a great job and couldn't have hoped for a better trip. I am very lucky to have the job I do as I simply love it, but getting to travel too is an absolute bonus!! Not only did we meet with hundreds of students who were interested in studying at our University but we had a great time doing it. 

We will be following up all the applications and enquiries next week, but in the meantime, a massive thank you to everyone we met, interviewed and worked was bohoot acha to be back in Incredible india!!