Returning To Incredible India

I can hardly believe it's been almost two years since I said my goodbyes to India, but this week I'm packing the same suitcase and heading off to Heathrow T5 to board a flight right back out there!! Only this time I am going for a much shorter visit. 

My Indian adventure started back in 2009, mid-recession. I flew out to India via Singapore armed with a laptop, a suitcase, and a CD of information. I had been employed to help start up and run a new campus for a Singaporean design college, and was semi-prepared for what was to come. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, setting up a design school isn't an easy job and sometime I can't quite believe I did it, but it was certainly "bohoot acha" {very good}. I gained a wonderful circle of friends, taught and learnt from my fantastically talented students, made a load of memories, got to travel this beautiful country and returned back to the UK to take on a new chapter and challenge with lots of experience behind me.  

Of course I also found time for beautiful architecture, colourful markets, yummy food like delicious dosa, samba on a banana leaf and even the Indian version of a cola which is quite the pick-me-up, that or a chai!!

So, almost two years on and I am now revisiting India as an Academic representative of my current University and I can't wait. I will be working to connect them with some very prestigious schools, college and universities in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Over the two weeks I will be giving talks and lectures, holding workshops, school visits, interviewing potential new students and meeting lots of very interesting people, and eating and shopping - I'm hoping.