Iceland, Wintery Scenes

This past weekend Reykjavik became a winter wonderland with a record snow fall of over 52cm in 8 hours, that's not happened since 1952 so what did I do...heck yeah, I threw on my thermals and snow boots, and went out to play in the snow like a big kid (armed with my camera, of course).

record snow in iceland
snow in trees

As Ingimar is used to this, and pointed out the downsides like having to dig out our car etc, luckily we had some guest staying with us and they were more than happy to also thrown on their layers and come our to play. We headed down the road to Grasagarður, the Reykjavik Botanical Gardens, where I thought it might be very much unspoilt whiteness for us to venture out into and take multiple photos. And it certainly didn't disappoint. 

I wrapped up nice and cosy in my thermal top and matching leggings, tucked into socks. I added an extra pair of thick fleece-lined leggings over the top as I knew my legs would get the coldest. I wore my 3-in-1 winter jacket with my cashmere hat and scarf, gloves in pocket, and happily slid my feet into my cosy lined Sorel snow boots. We are off and I stayed cosy and warm the entire time we were out. 

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are you as much of a fan of snow as me?!