Husband’s Day in Iceland (Bóndadagur)

This Friday (today, 19th Jan ‘18) is bóndadagur / Þorraþræll, Husband’s Day here in Iceland, and though I don't tend to buy into all these - for want of a better term - 'hallmark holidays', I thought I'd share what this day is all about to Icelanders and get into the culture a little bit. 

Bóndadagur is a day where wives and girlfriends pamper their men and show their appreciation. Some give flowers, others treat their men to dinner out or prepare a steak served with the specially brewed þorri beer - remember to head to a Vínbúðin as you can’t buy alcohol in Icelandic supermarkets. 

Many families also celebrate by eating the traditional þorri food, and there are festivals and events held where you can try it - also check in local supermarkets. Bóndadagur marks the beginning of the old Icelandic month of þorri. This is when the (not-so-delicious) fermented foods start to appear in the supermarket - watch our Icelandic Food Challenge to see us try some of the local delicious.

So, if you’re Icelandic or your husband / partner is, have a wonderful Bóndadagur and comment below with your plans so I can get a little more into the tradition (and not disappoint Ingimar next year).

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