Happy New Year + How To Make It Great

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a great time. I sure did, as I am only getting round to posting this a week into the new year. It's always an exciting time for me with family and friends, lots of parties and good meals to share between Christmas and New Year, and then my birthday too. It does however leave the rest of the year open to, well, adventure, travel, lots of work and celebrating everyone else.

2014 was a good year where I continued to enjoy my job, got to travel even more with academic trips back to India and one with the British Council, went to Thailand to run some design workshops and visited Nepal for the first time where I met an incredibly inspiring architect and had a tour of his work [new post coming soon]. 

I got to meet some amazing people and saw some truly memorable sights. I also managed to squeeze in some trips back home to Edinburgh to see my beautiful baby niece and had some fun weekends away my sister in Bath, and friends in Brighton, London and Munich.

Layoutlines continues to grow and this makes me so happy and proud of my little venture. I am so grateful for all the followslikes, comments, orders and commissions. 2014 brought my first craft stall at Art in the Park in my home of Edinburgh, and the opportunity to have my work stocked in some shops. It also brought a few collaborations and competitions, recently with i-on Edinburgh, and so there ate now quite a few people walking around with an Edinburgh tote or having opened a wee gift of a print of mine.


  1. Plan ahead of time and have a back-up plan

  2. Dress the part but be ready for the cold outside and think of your poor feet

  3. Be with the one(s) you love

  4. Fully charge your phone and camera

  5. Bring a hot toddy so you have something to cheers with, or just for the road

How do you celebrate New Years?