Pregnancy Diaries: Gender Reveal

As part of my little 'Pregnancy Diaries' series I wanted to do a little follow up from the pervious post of Old Wives Tales. So today we are revealing the gender of baby!! I have been so lucky with my pregnancy symptoms, hardly any morning sickness, with the strongest symptoms being tiredness and moodiness (such fun, poor Ingimar) - so rightfully so, those old wives predicted a girl and we couldn't be happier. 

Here's a little vlog from our gender reveal party the other night. 

These are the 'Old Wives Tales' that were correct:

  • Have you been more clumsy than usual less = girl

  • Heart rate of baby - above 140 = girl

  • Do your feet feel colder = same = girl

  • Are your hands drier = normal = girl

  • Is your mood - same/happier = moodier = girl

  • Sexy - Is your leg hair - same/less = girl

  • Dads weight - not gained any  = has gained weight = girl

this is the alt text

and…we’re having a girl!!