Very Exciting Relocation News, I'm moving to...


On a cold and dreary evening here in the UK, I share some exciting news with you...I'm off on another adventure!! I've travelled for many reasons before - for adventure, for education, for career, and have had some great opportunities through my current job as a senior lecturer. And this time, I'm following my heart and moving to Reykjavik in Iceland.

Myself and my boyfriend, Ingimar (who is Icelandic), have thought about this for months, we've discussed it - often overthought it - but it all came down to one thing, we want to be together, living and sharing a life together. Long distance relationships are challenging. Seeing each other in 2D on a screen can be hard at times but it also forces you to talk a lot more and discover so much about the other person. When you finally meet again, in 3D, every minute is so precious. 

So, as much as I joke about how I will be spending my days bathing in hot springs and conquering glaciers, I will be focussing on my own creativity again and have lots of ideas up my thermal sleeve. But for now there is a super long To-Do lists to start checking off before I leave my job at University and fly home to Edinburgh for a magical Christmas with family and friends.