Etsy Craft Party 2015 Dorset Team

This year I went to the Dorset Team's Etsy Craft Party held in Poole, and had a great time. I didn't know anyone so I was glad to see it was going to be a really chilled evening where we introduced ourselves, grabbed a refreshing drink and chatting over some crafting. I was a little nervous before going but I'm really glad I did.

I love these meet ups because you genuinely get to meet likeminded people and learn about their Etsy story - what they make and their process, hear all about their shops, got some local supplier information and sometimes some new ideas too. I went to the Southampton Etsy Craft Party two years ago which was amazing and is where I met some totally inspiring girls like Rachel and Harriet

This years theme was kaleidoscope which was pretty challenging but we soon started making different patterns and shapes from beautiful paper. I did an Etsy worksheet of woven Japanese pink paper and then made some geometric 3D decorations, and...I was interviewed for the Etsy youtube channel - yip, I actually did it and spoke on camera - so watch out for a nervous me talking about my wee shop

Did you go to, or host, an etsy craft party? #craftparty