The Story Behind My Eiffel Tower Etching

Paris, the city of love, and in my opinion it is also the city of amazing roof tips and beautiful urban street life. I have visited a few times now and love wandering the street until my feet ache, looking up at all the beautiful buildings and especially their roofs. The stone work, the windows, the street cafes the parks and bridges, and the elegance of Parisian fashion makes for the perfect long weekend away armed with a sketchbook. 

A few weeks ago I sat down and sketched out a few of my favourite buildings in preparation for a new series of drawings. I showed these to one of my friends who said that it would great as an etching. I had never done any etching before and had no idea what went into one but a few weeks later I was hooked. A lot of hard work, many hours and a fair bit of patience went into this but I am sure you will agree, they look fantastic. I managed a run of 15 prints which are now titled, signed and numbered available in my Etsy shop

Here are some pictures from a recent trip I made to paris