DIY Wedding Calligraphy Name Cards

You seem on Pinterest and on your Instagram feed, beautiful name place cards and table numbers for your wedding but it all adds up and your budget plays heavily on your mind. A lot of our wedding will be DIY and over the next few weeks, maybe months, I plan to share some of the DIY ideas with you. So let's kick this off with calligraphy as I create our name place cards for our wedding.

What you'll need

calligraphy pen and ink

practice makes perfect

I like to warm up a little before I start a new project, this helps me relax and get back into using the pen and ink again. Take a pad of white paper, any paper really, and dip the nib in the ink. Start by drawing lines across the page (thin) and then vertically (thick). When you are comfortable with this, move onto letters. I did 'O' 'N' 'L' 'A' as these use different lines and shapes. Do this until you are happy to start on your name place cards. 

Learn Calligraphy.jpg

don't forget yourself!!

I usually work off my laptop and work my way down the guest list but it is a good idea to print off the list and mark each guest off as you write the tags. Make sure to include yourselves, I often create a few options; Mr, Mrs, Bride, Groom and do names too. 

Wedding calligraphy
wedding name place cards


If you don't fancy giving this a go, or don't have time, head over to my shop where you can place your order and I will create them for you. 

this is the alt text

have you tried CALLIGRAPHY yet?