DIY Valentines Ideas

Things have gotten a lot loved-up over on the vlog channel and with Valentines this coming Tuesday, I thought why not roll with it and create some DIY romance. Wether you have a partner, loved one, special someone, or just a great mate you want to spoil...let's enjoy this Hallmark holiday, a wee bit.


Today I'm sharing 3 DIY cards which are super quick and really easy for you to make...cos I know if you're reading this, you probably have someone who you'd actually consider sending something to (am I right?!)

  • love

  • you're totally tea-riffic!!

  • you light up my world!!


Ok, they might be a bit boring or too easy so here's some other ideas from good old Pinterest


and...if you are going all-out, why not make some love-ly decorations. 


I'm not a huge Valentines fan - heck, I probably won't even give Ingimar anything on Tuesday - but if you're looking for some cute ideas to make and gift, then I've got you covered.

Will you be giving someone a little something this Valentines?