'Design For Disaster' Student Project

This week sees the start of a new studio project called Design for Disaster - and quite possibly my favourite. This unit asks the students to select a natural disaster, gain a knowledge and understanding of it, look at previous and possible locations effected and start to understand what living with the threat of an occurrence might be like. The disasters offered for analysing this year are Avalanches and Earthquake. 

Previously we have run this unit very successfully with students looking at flooding last year and responding to different scales, and a range of different natural disasters the year before work published here. This year we have set the boundary of designing for a 1 person shelter (max 2) which is temporary, lightweight and will be portable. The students have 7weeks to research, design, develop and present their proposal. Tomorrow they will sign up for their challenge [avalanches or earthquakes] and start work, let's see what they come up with.

To follow this project, search #DesignForDisasterAUB on social media