Bookbinding Workshop + DIY

Last weekend I headed to Alfie's Antique Market in London for a Bookbinding Workshop at the wonderfully creative studio of Handmade by you. It was a stormy wee afternoon so I was quite happy to be indoors, with some lovely ladies...sipping tea and Elderflower cordial, eating pop corn and chocolates, crafting and chatting away.

The workshop was run by Daisy of Make, Thrift London who I first met at the Southampton Etsy party, and her heavily pregnant but still oh-so-glamorous assistant Alice. At the workshop was fellow crafter/blogger Erica who made a London themed book and has already posted her blog write up so go check it out!!

Surrounded by inspiring bits and bobs in a really cool space there was no stopping us. The studio is decorated with vintage finds and handmade details, paired with crafting accessories, a very cool tea house and a load of other details that catch your eye.

I've done some handmade sketchbooks before but this was the real deal, a fully fledged book with front and back cover, pages, a spine...everything, it sounds a lot easier than it was but I was excited and ready to get making.

We started out with an A4 binder and reused the cardboard from it as the construction for our book. Selecting paper from the basket was easy, I spotted this sewing inspired and button double sided paper that I am hoping will encourage me to get on my new sewing machine and made stuff. Then we cut the pieces, glues everything, trimmed the paper and folded neat corners, stitched or pages together and bound them into the cover to somehow produce our books. So, as easy as that, haha, here's a quick Bookbinding step-by-step with a break down of the day:

I love my book, especially the paper I used and it was so exciting seeing it come together. This took a good few hours though and it really makes you think twice about all the notebooks and sketchbooks you have lying around. So get using them because someone put a lot of work into making it!!

A big thanks to Daisy for all her help and attention to detail (it seems, in Erica's opinion, that I was a little bit of a teachers pet...she's probably right) :) And it was a pleasure to meet you Erica.