Blue Lagoon at home spa

Take some time out for yourself and enjoy an 'at home spa' inspired by the Bláa Lónið (Blue Lagoon) and its fabulous skincare range. I got these 3 products as a treat from Ingimar and have been loving the masks, especially the algae one. 

1. The Silica Mud Mask

2. The Algae Mask

3. The Mineral Moisturising Cream

Set aside 30 minute and lock yourself away in the bathroom. Light a candle and pop on a calm, relaxing Spotify playlist. Run the tap until warm and soak some face towels to help gentle remove the masks later. 

Starting off with the Silica Mud Mask, generously apply a thick layer to your face and neck. This hick and creamy white mask, direct from the blue lagoon, leaves your skin cleansed and moisturised. Wipe off using one of your pre soaked warm wash clothes. Now using the Algae Mask, my favourite, slather all over your face. The green colour is a little strange at first but this mask is just heavenly, pure bliss. I love the deep moisturising is gives and the soothing effect on my skin. Do the same to remove and then finish with the Mineral Moisturising cream, which is a gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin. I apply loads and let it soak in and work its magic. 

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I took a walk around the park by the blue Lagoon and was so lucky, I pretty much had the place to myself - other than a few other photographers!!

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